Khula Manch

  • 31 Jul

    Khula Manch, Episode 16

    Guest: Triratna Manandhar (NGO Forum), Dr Mathura Prasad Shrestha (RESPECT)

    Social significance of Dhungedhara (stone spout); interrelationship of stone spouts with open spaces; preservation initiatives by organisations like RESPECT; current status of public spaces like ponds and stone spouts; importance of awareness among the local inhabitants and concerned institution on public spaces.

  • 24 Jul

    Khula Manch, Episode 15

    Guest: Hari Kumar Shrestha (Hanumandhoka Durbar Square Conservation Programme)

    Comparative analysis of the condition of Basantapur in the past to the present; role of local clubs in maintenance and preservation of the area; positive developments in Durbar Square management by Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office.

  • 17 Jul

    Khula Manch, Episode 14

    Guest: Dhanapati Sapkota (Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office)

    Opinions of the general public on the current status of Ratna Park; challenges faced by the local community in their attempt to manage Ratna Park; future plans for improvement of the park; limitations confronted by responsible authority.