Khula Manch

  • 18 Sep

    Khula Manch, Episode 22

    Guest: Gyanu Lama (Vice-chairperson, Federation of Swoyambhu Management and Conservation)

    The Federation represents 24 organisations in the Swoyambhu area; it pressurises and works with the responsible organisations for renovation in the Swoyambhu area; actively participates in managing security and hygiene in and around Swoyambhu.

  • 11 Sep

    Khula Manch, Episode 21

    Guest: Sushil Chaudhary, Narendra Man Dangol (Office Chief, Bhrikutimandap)

    Separate committee formed for management of Bhrikutimandap; an association of the vendors plans to make the area organised; the space is an attraction to a large group of people due to the open space, and amusement park for children; its preservation and maintenance is a concern of many organisations; conceptualisation of official website of Bhrikutimandap.


  • 04 Sep

    Khula Manch, Episode 20

    Guest: Rabindra Shakya (Ward Secretary, Ward number 4)

    Popularity of football games and concerts in Jawalakhel; plans to make a master plan to create a recreation centre for children and elder citizens by removing the vendors situated there at present; encroachment of Ikha Pokhari.