Khula Manch

  • 10 Jul

    Khula Manch, Episode 13

    Guest: Babu Raja Bajracharya (Chairperson, Patan Durbar Chhetra Sudhar Samiti)

    Major attractions of Patan Durbar Square are the temples;  festivals celebrated in this area gather a huge mass of people from diverse groups; a popular tourist spot gathering 1,25, 000 tourists in the previous year; the federation of 17 organisations works for conservation of Durbar Square.

  • 03 Jul

    Khula Manch, Episode 12

    Guest: Mani Ratna Shakya (Writer; Resident of Itum Baha:)

    The biggest monastery of Kathmandu, Keshchandra Bihar, lies within Itum Baha:; various factors like, erection of tall buildings and restaurants, unaware new inhabitants of the religious value of the monasteries are hindrances in maintaning the originality of the place.

  • 26 Jun

    Khula Manch, Episode 11

    Guest: Prem Suwal (Former Chief, Bhaktapur Sub-Metropolitan City Office)

    Public spaces in Bhaktapur are under maintenance and renovation; institutions are yet to realise their responsibility towards the spaces; active involvement of local community in creating new public spaces.