Khula Manch

  • 28 Aug

    Khula Manch, Episode 19

    Guest: Hirakaji Maharjan, Former Mayor (Kirtipur)

    Degrading condition of old public spaces like Bagh Bhairav, Uma Maheswor and Milanchowk; few of the reasons behind the current state of public spaces: lack of awareness among the people, inconsideration for public space and inactive institutions; encroachment of Kirtipur Palace.

  • 14 Aug

    Khula Manch, Episode 18

    Guest:  Nutandhar Rajopadhyaya

    The role of Guthi in the past and present; cultural traditions and intangible heritages are the primary reasons to preserve public open spaces; spaces with religious significance seem well-maintained; introduction of various Acts considering the conservation of heritages led non-governmental organisations to work towards its management.



  • 07 Aug

    Khula Manch, Episode 17

    Guest:  Chandra Shova Shakya (Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City Office, Sampada Samrakshyan Kendra)

    The role of Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City Office in conservation, renovation of  public structures; examples of renovation of public spaces in Patan; encroachment of public structures, and the response of the Metropolitan city office to it.