Talking Space

  • 17 Mar

    Talking Space, Episode 36

    Guest: Megh Ale (General Secretary, Nepal Association of Rafting Agents)

    Reason for absence of policies regarding rivers in Nepal; lack of planning in  management of rivers; various factors polluting the rivers; Bagmati River Festival should be a movement; rivers are public spaces  but lack that spirit in Nepal.

  • 10 Mar

    Talking Space, Episode 35

    Guest: Ramesh Prasad Singh (Deputy Director General, Building Division, Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC)

    Degree of importance given to public open spaces in urban area; defining urban planning and its concern for public open spaces; awareness campaign regarding disaster management; public-private partnership and its success in Kathmandu; maintenance of these public spaces with rapid modernisation.

  • 03 Mar

    Talking Space, Episode 34

    Guest: Surya Bhakta Sangachhe (Sr. Technical Advisor, National Society for Earthquake Technology)

    Understanding land pooling; initiation of land pooling project in Nepal; increment of public open spaces with land pooling activities; land pooling, a planned development; problem in regards to awareness of land pooling among the people; complains regarding land pooling by the under privileged; initiation by the locals to help government to promote land pooling.