Khula Manch

  • 09 Oct

    Khula Manch, Episode 25

    Guest: Ramesh Khanal (Former Section Officer, Nepal Sports Council)

    Dasharath Rangashala (National Stadium) is popular for sports; lacks easy access to everybody; negative impact of political instability on the new plans for  stadium management.

  • 02 Oct

    Khula Manch, Episode 24

    Guest: Bishnu Bhakta Shrestha (Secretary, Ward Number 20, Lalitpur)

    Use of old public spaces by the community for functional and occasional purposes; construction of new public buildings with support from the municipality; upto 30% of the locals support conservation of public spaces.


  • 25 Sep

    Khula Manch, Episode 23

    Guest: Satya Narayan Shah (Engineer, Thimi Municipality)

    Presence of small public open spaces in Thimi; more than 200 ponds, which are well-conserved; maintenance of spaces and structures due to their cultural significance, and occurrence of religious practices; implementation of plans of preservation of stone spouts, wells, traditional rest houses in Thimi.