Hari Prasad Sharma

Hari Prasad Sharma began painting as a self-taught artist at a very young age. He got enrolled in Juddhodhaya Public School, where he learnt the art of painting for few years before undergoing an informal training under the late Chandra Man Maskey and Kalidas Shrestha.

Sharma was born in 1937 in Lagan Tole in the heart of Kathmandu. He spent 45 years of his life among the newars and closely observed their cultural life, an influence that is reflected in his paintings.Along with his preference for watercolors, Sharma began using oil as his medium.

Sharma's interest is in depicting Nepali history, religion and culture on canvas which have appeared in many books and magazines on religion. He was one of the artists whose work was exhibited at the Fourth Buddha Festival in Hanumandhoka in 1956. His first solo exhibition was held at National Academy of Fine Arts Art Gallery in 1973, and his paintings have been part of various exhibitions thereafter. He is presently involved in creating religious frescoes on the walls of his personal chamber which has been converted into Radha Kuti Art Gallery in memory of his wife who passed away in 1995.