• 03 Apr


    Fire emergency; high risk to the houses in old settlement due to narrow lanes; case study of Asan, Kalimati Vegetable Market and Inatole; unplanned housing and unorganised commercial activities in congested lanes and lack of open space are some of the identified causes; importance of having open spaces in and around the settlements.

  • 20 Mar

    Swoyambhu ko Safalta

    Successful initiative of the local community, Federation of Swoyambhu Management and Conservation, in managing the premises of Swoyambhu; protecting and preserving the forest around Swoyambhu by planting trees yearly and providing security guards; provision of facilities to the visitors/devotees; collaboration with the locals helped in expansion of the streets; management of this sort has been an inspiration to the surrounding community leading to protection of another open space-Bhuikhel; instances of encroachment; settlement of squatters and its impact on the area.

  • 06 Mar

    Basantapur ko Khula Thau

    Open space in Basantapur; historical usage of Basantapur Dabali; performance of religious and cultural rites like Bratabandha, Bel Bibaha; celebration of Indra Jatra; occurence of social, political and economic activities; individual responsibility towards its maintenance; need to understand the value of public spaces and avoid activities which hamper the structure and environment of the square; discouragement to political activities in public spaces.