• 18 Sep

    Aaglagi ko Surakshit Upaya

    Programme on fire safety measures conducted in a public open space; a joint effort of Kirtipur Swayamsewak Samaj (Kirtipur Social Service Society) and Juddha Fire Extinguishers; demonstration was given by professional fire fighters to a large public in an open space of Kirtipur to tackle and avoid fire accidents. 

  • 31 Jul

    Cycle Marga

    Unsafe roads of Kathmandu; various features of the roads in Kathmandu preventing it from becoming a shared space; prioritisation to motor vehicles over pedestrians and cyclists; promotion of cycle ride by youth organisations, business houses for a healthier environment.


  • 10 Jul

    Hamro Dharohar Bhagawan Baha:

    Gradual encroachment of the space around Bikram Sheel Mahavihar; a space with numerous communal usage; management and conservation of the space and role of Guthi Sansthan; challenges faced by Guthi in the process of maintenance; Chusya Bahal, a well-maintained Bahal by the community; hosting social, educational and religious activities.