'Patan Durbar Kshetra: Byawasthapan Abhyasko Antarya’

Discussion was focused on various local institutions established for the management of Patan Durbar Square. Besides the local initiatives, the discussion was also on the State’s role in management of public spaces. The session was led by IMAP researcher, Ramesh Rai. He presented his findings on documented policies and regulations in regards to conservation and maintenance of Patan Durbar and its surrounding area.

It was a stimulating discussion with the presence of eminent personalities like Dr Bharat Sharma, Dr Mukunda Raj Aryal, Dr Pitamber Sharma and Dr Sudarshan Raj Tiwari who presented very ineresting  views on the grounds of facts gathered through the years of experience in the field.

The issues of political ideologies were discussed and concluded to be an obstruction in the functioning of  institutions and policies. Similarly, the consequences of coexistence of tradition and modernity in our society and their impact on public spaces was a crucial topic of debate.

Moreover, the involvement and influence of national and international non-governmental organisations in the conservation of heritage was elaborately talked about among the participants. Everybody agreed that their contributions to conservation have been immense, but it is the locals who need to be more activeby taking the ownership of maintaining the heritages.