Talking Space

  • 24 Dec

    Talking Space, Episode 24

    Guest: Prem Suwal (Former Mayor, Bhaktapur)

    Changes in the use of public spaces in Bhaktapur; priorities of Bhaktapur Municipality for its management; cultural value and conservation of ponds;contributions by the locals on preservation of ponds; importance of active role of locals in the process of conservation.

  • 17 Dec

    Talking Space, Episode 23

    Guest: DIG Ganesh Raj Rai

    Streets as public space and issues of safety; road extension activity and its consequences; case study of demolition of a public space near Nag Pokhari and Baneswor; responsibility to make the roads public friendly; public transportations, a hassle in streets.

  • 10 Dec

    Talking Space, Episode 22

    Guest: Om Dhaubadel (Conservationist)

    Positive and negative aspects of change in Bhaktapur; alternative measures to save public spaces; role of Guthi, and Department of Archaeology in heritage conservation; responsibility of local institutions towards public spaces.