Talking Space

  • 14 Jan

    Talking Space, Episode 27

    Guest: Prajwol Gurung (Chairperson, We Are The One (WATO))

    Community initiative in turning a dumping site into a lively park; maintenance and management of the park; similar efforts in other places.

  • 07 Jan

    Talking Space, Episode 26

    Interviews; historical significance of the various ponds in Kathmandu; Suggestions for management.

  • 31 Dec

    Talking Space, Episode 25

    Guest: Sushil Shrestha (Aitihasik Dhungedhara Sudhar Samiti)

    Dhungedhara (stone spout) as a community infrastructure and public space; activities of the committee; importance of this public space to the locals; role of the locals in its maintenance; coordination among groups in management and maintenance of space.