Talking Space

  • 04 Feb

    Talking Space, Episode 30

    Guest: Narottam Vaidya, Treasurer, Pashupati Area Development Trust
    Organisational structure and objective of Pashupati Area Development Trust; questioning its limited accessibility; current status of Bagmati River.

  • 28 Jan

    Talking Space, Episode 29

    Guest: Gyanu Lama (Federation of Swoyambhu Management and Conservation)

    History of its establishment and current activities; the initiative and success in bringing various improvements in and around Swoyambhu; challenges faced.

  • 21 Jan

    Talking Space, Episode 28

    Guest: Rabin Man Shrestha (Chief, Environment Department, Kathmandu Metropolitan City)

    Three types of parks in Kathmandu; the constituents of a park; requirement of agreement between Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Traffic Police and Road Department in management of parks; challenges faced by Kathmandu Metropolitan City in maintaining hygiene in public spaces; aiming to involve private sectors in creation and maintenance of parks.