Kiran Manandhar

Kiran Manandhar is one of the foremost practitioner of Nepali abstract expressionism, and also an inspirational artist whose works show how a productive tension between forms and abstraction can create an "aesthetic drama" - full of vibrant movements and contrasts - upon the surface of the canvass.

Another important detail that separates Manandhar from most of his contemporaries is his use of diverse materials, multiplicity of perspectives that he uses in his compositions, and his dynamic style of painting. He often uses his hands rather than brush or knife to splash color upon the canvass.

Beginning with his first solo exhibition in Part Art Gallery, Kathmandu in 1972 to the last group exhibition he recently participated in Mumbai in 2009, Manandhar's career as a painter has spanned nearly four decades. His works have been exhibited in Dhaka, Paris, Berlin, Bonn, Karachi and Tokyo among many other cities. During this period his work has ranged from abstract to semi-figurative and has encompassed a variety of themes and motifs ranging from spirituality to sexuality, and from culture to politics.