Jeebnath Pokhrel

Born in a village in Inaruwa, Jeebnath Pokhrel is famous for his new art form which he calls N-Art. He was inspired into art by the nature and jungle near his village. He took teaching as his profession and has been involved in it for more than three decades.

Pokhrel chose birds to introduce himself in the field of arts. Two of his exhibitions during 2060 & 2061 BS were more focused on two dimensional paintings in water color. In 2064 BS, he experimented by mixing water color & acrylic on paper to bring a new taste to his paintings.

His desire to experiment with something new led him to creating art by cutting areca nuts with blade by peeling it, and making shapes out of it.  He began inserting those birds made out of areca nuts into his paintings. And also began using elements like bark of a tree, wood, small pebbles, sand, shells. He began using chemicals, sewing the elements into his art or even nailing them to the boards instead of just gluing them to the canvas.