• 28 Feb

    Patan Museum

    Patan Museum and the courtyard as public spaces; physically beautiful structure with historical and cultural significance; various reasons behind visiting this museum; a self-sustaining and well-managed museum; easy accessibility and friendly environment to the visitors in the courtyard as well as the museum; rich cultural, religious, artistic knowledge displayed; a space which is not just rich in art and architecture but important for the city and its dwellers as an open space in the rapidly urbanising city.

  • 21 Feb

    Patan ka Sampadaharu

    A walk through Patan with Anil Chitrakar; understanding the meanings of existing historical spaces and their relationship with day-to-day life of the inhabitants; good infrastructure for farming, festivities as well as for emergencies; promoting conservation of skills; culture and traditions need to be understood for conservation of spaces; strong collective feeling and unity among the locals impacts spaces.