• 01 May

    Park ka Phaidaharu

    Benefits of a park; Gyaneswor community park, constructed in the leadership of an NGO named  We Are the One (WATO) and its collaboration with the locals; community park, a destination for relaxation, enjoyment, healthy life and social gathering; degrading status of Ratna Park and growing responsibility of the public and state to conserve and maintain such parks; a good example of self-sustaining open space, Garden of Dreams at Kaiser Mahal; other initiatives to maintain the greenery of the valley.

  • 24 Apr

    Pokhari ko Samrakchhyen Garau

    Discussion of the social significance and previous status of Lagankhel Pokhari (pond); reasons behind creation of ponds since the Lichhavi Period; natural and man- made ponds - usage and socio-religious impact; maintenance of ponds by Guthi; understanding of environmental and recreational value of pokhari among the locals; numerous cases of encroachment.

  • 10 Apr

    Kaha Bata Hidne, Kasari Hidne?

    Unsafe streets for the pedestrians in Kathmandu; narrowing size of pavements to extend roads; prioritisation of the vehicular movement over pedestrianisation; they cannot be called a shared space; problems the pedestrians encounter everyday in the streets; causes for the delay in reconstructing roads; lack of management of streets and pavements; appeal to prioritise pedestrians over vehicles while planning the city infrastructure.